What Are The Drying Times Before And After My Service?


  • Stall Showers with tile floors: must dry out 3 days before service (towel dry them after the last shower).

  • Tub/Showers and Stall Showers with actual shower pans: must dry out 10 hours before service (towel dry them after the last shower).


  • GROUTING: (The stuff between tiles): All areas that have been grouted must dry for a full 48 hours before getting it wet.

  • CAULKING: (The flexible material used in settlement areas, around most tubs, shower pans and sinks): All areas that have been caulked with Colored Caulking/Silicone must dry and not get wet (not even a drop) for 24 hours after service. All White Caulking or Clear Silicone must dry for 1 hour after service (unless your grout technician advises you otherwise).

  • RE-COLORED/STAINED GROUT: Allow newly colored grout to dry/cure for 72 hours before getting it wet (Do not scrub grout for 30 days.)

What Should I Do For General Grout Maintenance?

GROUT MAINTENANCE: Products Available at: https://products.groutdoctor.com/collections/all

  • SHOWERS: To keep your shower looking its best the Grout Doctor recommends that you use only liquid shower gels and soaps rather than bar soap, bar soap will leave soap scum and spots on your tiles, grout and glass enclosures.

  • TO CLEAN YOUR SHOWER: We now have our own GROUT DOCTOR SHOWER CLEANER that works great! If you use liquid soap you should only have to clean your shower about once a month, depending on usage. If you use bar soap you should clean once a week (to prevent soap scum build up). Always squeegee or towel down your shower after each use.

  • FLOORS: To keep your tile floor as clean as possible sweep or vacuum as needed. When mopping use a mild household cleaner (diluted Simple Green etc.) always dry the floor to remove any excess dirty water (and to keep from streaking). Dirty water tends to sit on the grout joints and discolor the grout over a period of time. NEVER USE BLEACH PRODUCTS ON GROUT THAT IS NOT WHITE and limit bleach use on white grout as it will cause the grout to wear out sooner. For cleaning soiled areas use the GROUT DOCTOR NEUTRAL CLEANER.

  • KITCHEN COUNTERS AND BATHROOM VANITY TOPS: Use a de-greaser once a week (diluted Simple Green, Formula 409, Fantastic etc.) Spray on the cleaner and scrub with a nylon brush, rinse and dry well when done. For cleaning soiled areas use the GROUT DOCTOR NEUTRAL CLEANER.

What Should I Do After Grout Re-Coloring/Staining?


1)    Allow newly colored grout to cure for 72 hours before getting it wet.

2)    Do not scrub grout for 30 days.

3)    For showers, use liquid soaps instead of bar soap (grout stain is not permanent and may need an occasional touch-up, by using liquid soaps you will not be getting soap scum that needs to be scrubbed with harsh chemicals).

4)    Never use bleach cleaning products.

5)    See "Clean Your Shower" above in General Grout Maintenance.

6)    Only use diluted, mild cleaning products. Diluted GROUT DOCTOR NEUTRAL CLEANER is the best.

Where Can I Purchase Grout Doctor Cleaning and Sealing Products?

To purchase the Grout Doctor cleaning and sealing products for customer maintenance go to: https://products.groutdoctor.com/collections/all
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